Anyone have lupus and celiac?

Just when I thought my sero negative lupus symptoms were under control, I am still struggling with pain, my liver drving me nuts, and dizziness and breathing problems. I had a snack of gluten free chips, and my intestines starting getting upset. Really? Why does this disease change? And why did my hepatolgist do a sono and say my liver was fine, when Everytime I eat something other than meat and veggies...i get fatty cysts on my liver and discomfort?

I guess its a waste of time looking for answers to an inherited gene dysfunction, and even drs have no understanding of celiac. Ugh!

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  • Or any inflammatory disease! They just treat symptoms. Lets work on the cause for once!

  • If gluten-free caused a problem - where is the link to coeliac? The one thing that DOESN'T upset coeliacs is gluten-free food.

  • Thats what I thought. But, there must have been some other ingredient that bothered me. I suspect and have read that natural flavors is questionable in any product. Food companies i guess, dont have to explain natural flavors. I threw the bag out, i should have saved and researched.

  • I have not been diagnosed with celiac, but have a good majority of the symptoms

  • I eat a mostly gluten free diet as it helps my lupus but once had a terrible reaction to a bag of gluten free chips or crisps or whatever we call them. I came to the conclusion that it was something in the flavouring or a preservative in the food that kicked it off. I'm pretty sure it was the flavouring, they were tortilla chips. Had to throw tha bag away. Never again!

  • Thats what happened to me. They put some flavoring in them to make them taste like doritos. Everything calmed down when I stayed clean for a couple of days. Like only veggies and meat. I seem to have to stay very clean...take care everyone...

  • I am positive lupus and coeliac. For years I was told it was IBS. However, I did not change my diet until I had a positive test for coeliac. I only stopped foods that I knew did react badly, either giving me the runs or gut pain or an allergic reaction. Now I am positive I have stopped foods but not replaced them with look alikes.It has so far worked well.

  • you eat only whole foods? No processed foods, like gluten free crackers? Thank you for sharing

  • Yep I tried gluten free and found they didn't work for me. I don't use ant additives now unless I cant avoid them like nights out. But I'm still finding things that are not problems alone but are in combination with something else.

  • yeap I have coeliac disease . Had it diagnosed by biopsy 12yrs ago. This is a good site here in New Zealand .Hope this helps

  • Thank you pammy1

  • I have both SLE and lupus but have never had a problem with gluten free food. It has really helped and I am doing really well in respect of coeliac. My illnesses are separate and I never think about the coeliac as it is stable and controlled via the gluten free diet. One less thing to think about! The SLE is stable at present so I am grateful. Hope this is of some help to you.

    Renu x

  • Thank you Renu....some think it was an added ingredient that upset me. Probably. Back to no processed foods. No cheating with crackers. Lol.

  • I meant SLE and coeliac lol!!!

    Renu xx

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