Has anyone ever suffered from chronic abdominal and internal pain after sex?

I am newly diagnosed with Lupus and am still waiting for my hospital apt to decide what management I need. I was intimate for the first time in a year last night and ended up in agony. I was doubled over with abdominal pain and internal pain. It's eased but still very painful and is certainly coming from my pelvic/womb area. Has anyone else with lupus experienced this? I'm scared this will impact my sex life forever

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Yes, I have had problems like this. Have had numerous tests - scans, colonoscopy, etc. all negative, the pain though was excrutiating. Endometrioisis was suspected but I did not have laparoscopy. It has ease up with the menopause. Have also heard that it may be cause but inflamed small vessel in the abdominal area. Sorry, I can't help very much.


Hi there, i agree with petrof i also suffer this and like petrof says its due to inflamation of small vessels, feels like the worst period pains after, but it normal settles again after 48 can really be a put of loL!


I must say, I got better after I had a child. I had the exact problem you describe. But then it got far worse around menopause. I agree with the explanation. I feel that change in hormones affect our autoimmune condition.

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Hi Yes I have suffered in this way on more than one occasion and hope that my experiences can be of use to you, I have had lupus for nearly twenty years and it has given me some "interesting experiences" along the way! The most frequent cause has been constipation caused by pain killers which has at one time become so bad I ended up in hospital with impactation that caused pain and discomfort in many different places. Another time I was taken into hospital I had shingles on my internal organs - including my reproductive organs, and was left with crippling neuropathic pains which lasted for months. I do know of another lupie who has recurrent infections of the cervix which was first picked up in a smear - many women get these all the time due to the position on the body and what it is close to but as we don't make enough antibodies she cannot get rid of her infections without treatment, pessary and cream. I would suggest you get checked sooner rather than later as it could be anything, and a few minutes of discomfort and embarassment with your doctor could save a lifetime of pain.

Good luck I hope all goes well,

Madmagz x


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