Routine blood testing abroad (Italy) for Mycophenolate Mofetil drug?

I shall shortly be moving to Italy to work on a campsite for the summer, as I have SLE and have recently been prescribed Myfenax my rheumatologist has requested that I undertake regular blood testing while in Italy.

Has anyone ever had to arrange blood testing abroad before? Where may I find information to arrange this please? Any help much appreciated thank you!!

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Hi there, I've worked in Italy for a collaborating institute and had all kinds of medical exams done there. You have two options either do it privately or register to a GP in the area you are going to work in. Your employer should help you with the necessary paper work. In both cases you will need to pay for your blood test but it will cost you less if you go to the hospital. I guess since you have lupus you should register at local practice anyway, just in case..


Thank you very much for your response you have been very helpful! :)


Bring your EHIC card don't know if it covers blood tests.


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