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Sickness at the weekend?

My mum has Lupus and has taken a cocktail of medication for years now. For the last 6 months she has been violently vomitting at the weekends and the weekends alone. It started as a Sunday and now it varies to a Saturday too. At first we thought it was a tablet that she took on the Sunday every week, however she stopped taking it and still suffered the sickness. She hasn't been to the doctors as she believes they "Can't be bothered since I turned 50". Does anyone suffer the same sickness or have any advice? Thank you

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i symphathise with u hun, is she on methotrexate do u know , as i find when thats waring off usually the weekends i get upset stomach and sickness but my gp have given me meds for it she must go dr cant u book it and take her ??? , but im not dr i just have the dreaded L word hope ive helped though


thank you for your reply, i did ask her and she doesn't take that one but she still isn't up for seeing another doctor :/ she feels they must be fed up with her and believe her to be a hypercondriact but obviously she is'nt x it's hard trying to convince her, I will do what you said though :) and book her in and take her, you have helped so thank you very much :) x


You are in difficult situation there... because your Mum needs to see a doctor, and the fact is she is telling you, what she should be telling the doctor.

There is no way around that fact.

I would be inclind to stop trying to work out what she needs yourself, because really she needs to see the doctor.

You could actually call the doctor for an urgent home visit next time she vomits.


As you can see your Mum needs medical attention as soon as possible , it may not be connected to her meds at all ,while you are trying to persuade her there are drugs like cyclizine that will ease the symptoms , but get a Doctor to her is the only real answer.

I hope this situation is soon resolved for you both.


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