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saw an amazing Rheumy at the Nuffield yesterday. Prof Luqmani, can highly recommend him. Been referred to all and sundry and there he was on my doorstep. Starting Plaquenil asap. Already has a plan B if plan A fails including a heparin trial. Couldnt be more thrilled. And I am sero neg APL, sero neg Lupus. He also assured me that my Lupus is not 'mild' as described by original diagnosis. I have bilateral AVN, which in his words cannot be deemed mild :)

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  • I am under his care too......

  • He really seemed lovely....where are you based? I am west oxfordshire

  • I am a couple of miles north of Oxford.

  • Wow is Prof. Luqmani still there?! I was under his care a few years ago and he was brilliant - but for some reason I went along one day and had been bumped to someone else who was rubbish and actually made me cry!! I fought and saw Prof. David in the end who was very nice, but I am glad to hear that Prof. Luqmani is still there! Glad you got to see him - he was very good with me. :)

  • I'm under Prof Luqmani, he does seem lovely but have only seen him twice as i keep getting other members of his team, I saw him this week and has added additional meds(methotrexate) for me to see how i get on. Like yourself i am already on Plaquenil 400mg daily due to see him again in 4months.

  • Yes it will be interesting to see if there is a continuity of care. Can only wait and see. At least something is better than nothing.

  • I remember him from when I was first ill in Edinburgh. People spoke highly of him but I don't think he treated me personally. It must be a very small rheumatology world!

    It makes all the difference when you find a Rheumy you can trust - glad your experience has been good. Xx

  • It has been a long haul like most if us

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