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Question for runners with lupus

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Hi, I'm considering training for a marathon. I was wondering what other runners do about the sun exposure. I have read that many run in the early morning or evening, but that doesn't work for my long runs. I've been looking at protective clothing and some seems helpful. Do other people use that or not? And has anyone tried running with the protective masks? Seems to me anything that covers the face would just get hot and stuffy and make running more difficult. Just wondering what other people do.

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It's not something I'd do, but that doesn't help if you are a passionate runner and want to do a marathon. Maybe a thorough good search might provide some answers.

If it were me I'd prepare but if it was a really blistering sunny day I'd probably drop out, because I know it would make me feel poorly for a few days afterwards. Hope for a cloudy one?

Good luck. Inspiring to hear the running is still possible :).

Ha ha. I'll definitely be hoping for that cloudy day. And thanks, I keep looking for tips. Eventually I figure out what works for me.

I think this is a great goal! Like you, I run with my lupus and it helps me manage pain and stay healthy. I have only run halfs. I pick runs that are organised in shady / overcast places and times of year and then I look for training routes that are tree lined. Long runs early morning (although this gets harder w a marathon distance I realise). I wear hats and sunscreen of course. Haven't tried any UV clothes but think they exist. Good luck and well done.

Haven't figured out how, but running does help me with my fatigue. I hadn't thought of picking runs in shady place even though I do that for my training. Nice to hear what other runners do. The marathon is one of those bucket list things that I never really thought I would do. But then something in the back of my head said "why not?"

The GP has said to me that the endorphins from running can help w pain management and fatigue! :)

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