Anyone else develop allergies with Lupus?

Hi all, I have never been an allergic person before, but over the past couple of months this has all changed. I can now only wash my clothes in Fairy hypo-allergenic powder otherwise my skin itches, I have had to throw out my goose feather duvet and pillows as I couldnt breathe through coughing, and now I am worried I am becoming allergic to my beautiful dog. Has anyone else become allergic like this, and if so, what has helped you?

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Oh you poor thing, lupus is such a strange disease isn't it things just come on for no reason, so annoying! I haven't had this allergy. My allergy is dairy products. If I eat dairy my eyes itch & become very sore just like I've been burnt. So annoying because I love cheese. The only thing that gives me relief is if I take an antihistamine.


When my health fell apart I became allergic to cat fur and fleas, along with house dust, and the worst of all was old books. Its under control, but old books make me sneeze and come up in hives.


Hi Karen,

Over the last few years I have also become sensitive to all sorts, including animal hair and dust as well as some foods .

(After a lot of research I chose a dog which does not shed and he's great because I stay active walking him each day!)

When I know I am seeing friends with animals I do take anti-histamines but I also use some nutritional supplements to keep the allergies at bay (vitamin C an bioflavonoids seem particularly useful) - I have written about natural antihistamines before and you can read the two articles here: They talk about hay fever but the advice is relevant to any allergies. Please be aware that I do not advocate taking any nutritional supplements without consulting with a medical doctor first.

Oh I also found a dog-shampoo that is supposed to reduce pet allergens. I use it on my dog about once a month perhaps you could try it. The company also make a spray for the home which I have used on my sofa

Best wishes

Ani x


oh yes i didnt really notice changing to dove soap and dove rollon deod rather than spray because that used to chock me etc reacting to cream for my legs. I think it can be the illness but it can also be us, i mean we maybe cant tolarate creams anymore and maybe manafuctures change their ingredients.

still frustrating dumping half used bottles thou......

good luck


Thanks everyone for your replies, I really appreciate it x


I seem to have allergies too and notice that this started when the brand of prednisolone changed (from Pfizer).


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