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Probably only the older of us will recognise this saying, I count myself amongst that group. Please, if you find a pin, send it to me. In my imagination I would love to stick a pin in the doctors in the joints that are currently hurting, the joints look normal apart from fingers and toes that are slightly swollen and red. I know from their point of view that if it don't look bad it's normal and probably in my imagination, but it's real!!! Oh the wonders of the imagination, my doctors sat there with pins hurting all over the place, at least there would be something visible - THE PINS!!!!!

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Actually, if you see a neurologist, he/she will stick the pins in you anyway and will consider it a good result if you flinch at that and send you home saying you're cured :)


Dear Purpletop, but can you imagine sticking the pins in the neurologist and waiting for the "ouch". Yea! Brilliant thought from you though!


It's always good to start the day with a laugh, thanks - I'll have to resist the urge to take some pins with me next time I go to the hospital!

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Im SO tempted to have a pin in my lapel...just to remind myself to laugh at everything!


This really gave me a laugh!!!! Yes it would be lovely to stick pins in all of the disbelievers/doubters-be they dr's or anyone really that gives you a 'look' when you wince with the pain!!!! I believe that no one truly understands how we feel, until they have suffered (continuous) pain themselves in one way or another. I know that being in pain myself has made me into a much more understanding person-if I see a stranger out, and they look really miserable, instead of thinking 'miserable g~@' as I would have done in the past, I do now tend to think - well, they may be in pain - I am much more forgiving ~ so I suppose I have my Lupus to thank for that (I certainly DON'T thank it for anything else!!!) Have a good and hopefully pain free day. Julie :-)


hi iknow wht you mean

i ache all over as the day goes on it increases till i can hardly mobiise at night

ruematologists x2say ruematiod arthritis also fybromyalgia and ive got duff discs and a broken bit on my spine

i fnd it hard to work out what pains are attribted to what

whe i sit still i get flashing pains in various locations a bit ike a pinball machine as it lightsup at random

im 60 look much younger get told oh we all have aches and pains by freinds get on with it sort off

no one comes and sees my crawling around at night trying to feed the cats never mind making myself a cup of tea etc i cant sitlean on my joints arms etc for any length of time without pain im constantly moving position my brain is fogged so yes its al invisable one ruematty said on report looks well ---as if that makes your pain anyless

ill make a goodlooking corpse when i die at 100 but still will have ached my way throughlife . ive suffered pains all my life and thought this must be the same for everyone . mother used to say its growingpains hence my name on site but now im older its became worse . cycle on an e bike and feel like ive been in a train crash afterwards with minimal input . ok so people have terminal ilness and im grateful i dont but you stil have to get through each day .

stuff it up everone you come n contact with make them listen remind them it could be them not you kind regards


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