Lupus, or APS "only"?

I have just got back the results from the range of blood tests ordered at St Thomas' but still have a month to wait before I am back to see the doctor. APS already confirmed but I don't feel it covers all my symptoms.

I am trying to work out which questions to ask from these results and wonder if anyone can tell me what the abnormal results point to as we are looking to see where I am on the scales.

These are the "out of range" results which I got. I have tried looking them up but don't want to misinterpret anything and am hoping that the folks on here will be able to point me in the right direction for questions!

Dilute APTT - 1.52 (0.8-1.2 ratio)

DRVVT - 2.11 (0.85 - 1.17 ratio)

IgM Anticardiolipin Antibodies - 8.1 (0.0 - 7.0 MPL U/ml)

APTT ratio - 1.6 (0.8 - 1.2 ratio)

Thrombin time ratio - 0.84 (0.86 - 1.14 ratio)

Dilute APTT Confirmatory 1.23 (0.82 - 1.10 ratio)

DRVVT Correction - 1.57 (0.9 - 1.10 ratio)

DRVVT 50:50 mix - 1.28 (0.9 - 1.07 ratio)

DRVVT Correction 50:50 mix - 1.20 (0.98 - 1.10 ratio)

Phosphate level - 0.8 (0.9 - 1.4 mmol/L)

Also, any ideas what "ToConfr" means?

Test says "centromere Abs (FIDIS) - Equivoc" What does that mean?

ANA Titre: Hep2 Nuclear Pattern - centrme

Anti nuclear antibodies - positive

I am not looking for a diagnosis here, but wonder if anyone can shed some light on these numbers for me so I am best informed on my return to St Thomas'. I like to be as well prepared and informed as I can be.

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The problem with looking all this up is that you are going to get conflicting info from websites, stick to one site only. Although saying that not all website info is entirely accurate! I take it that you've told your doc your concerns? it seems strange that you have the results yet no info as to what it all means! The Doc isn't doing his job very well if you now worry about the results! Ive learned over 30 years that i have to ask the questions to what I want to know as not everything is clear at all ! I ask about everything as its my body and I am the one living with Lupus. Take Care.


Thanks kazp. As advised by the consultant at St Ts I collect and file all test results as in the past things have gone missing in hospitals. The tests were done at the start of the month and since there is so much demand for the doctors I can't see him again until the end of next month, when he leaves the hospital. Now I have the results I'm trying to work out exactly what the possible implications are so I can fihure out which questions to ask, what possibilitiea may be and which treatments may be offered so I can understand if there are choices to be made. Im not worried about the reaults per se, just wondering what they suggest in advance of my appointment. When I had my first thrombophilia appointment I was a bit bounced and told only option is lifelong warfarin so I'd like to be as informed as possible in advance.


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