I'm 68 years old, have a business to run that relies on house sitters, and so have to curb my enthusiasm for 'nefarious' undertakings, travelling alone, which I am used to, there are things I want to do before I meet my maker:

1. Drive east to west across America

2. Ride a hot air balloon

3. Have a helicopter land on my back field and take me to Cape Wrath to drink a bottle of Champagne and return

4. Go back to Yellowstone

5. You fill the next numbers in for me please

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  • 6. Take a round the world cruise.

    7. Snorkel with Humpback whales and dolphins in the Maldives.

    Could have added more but don't want to be greedy ; ) By the way, I am so driving across America with you!

  • Dear Tigerlily, I am really looking forward to the additions to my bucket list, not a round the world cruise, used to work to P&O doing this, fancy the whales, dolphins and Maldives, please feel free to add more suggestions!!!!! If you really want to cross America, seriously, let me know. Hugs

  • I do! Will drop you a line at the kennels :)

  • 8 - pass bike test and but Harley

    Davidson, travel Route 66 among other places!! :-)

  • Dear Jo883, best of luck passing your bike test, sorry to disappoint but Route 66 only exists now in small sections, the interstate having by-passed most of the small 'biker' locations and over-ridden 66 for the most of the distance. Do Harley Davidson make a big trike, like Connelly used for his trip, if so I could probably do the balancing act for that! Hope you make it. I'll cross my fingers for you.

  • Spread love across the world as you go. Visit orphans of the war torn parts of earth or third world places. Go diving at the Barrier Reef to relax after your good deeds :)

  • Moontreegoddess, thanks for the suggestions, I will try to spread love as I go, but third world places for me are too risky. However, may I please dive the barrier reef to relax anyway. This is definitely going onto the bucket list. Many thanks.

  • Oh yay! You will have to write about all your adventures, I think it would make a great story. Thank you for bringing this up, I might make my own list :)

  • Paraglide off a mountain, taking in all the fab views..... (attached to a very hunky instructor of course)!

  • Oh yes Mstr, this is definitely going on the bucket list, paragliding off a mountain with a hunky instructor, oh my!! I had seriously thought of this but would anyone take the risk with a 68 year old?? I shall make enquiries to find out. Superb idea!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Ha ha and thanks for cheering us up with this bucket list xx

  • Going to the Arctic Circle, well wrapped up and just gazing at the wonder of the Northern Lights.

  • Yes to Northern Lights and hunky instructor!!!

  • A lovely idea Bluebell, but if conditions are right I can see the Northern Lights from my garden as I live in Scotland.

  • To add to your list (by the way - so envious that you can view the northern lights! which would be on my list) .....

    no9... Macchu Pichu in Peru

  • Oh yes Slowmo, this is definitely going on the list. Many thanks for the idea.

  • Lucky you with the Northern lights, they are definitely on my list. How about watching the sunset over Ayers Rock?

  • Thanks bluebll99, yes to Ayers Rock, this is going on the list, thanks for the reply.

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