Is there a list of specialist SLE doctors?

Hi,my Mum has SLE,she's been diagnosed for 18 yrs now. She's 78. Ive never really been happy with her Rheumy,and since i was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis 2 yrs ago,ive realised there could be a whole lot she's missing out on to help her feel better. She is of the generation where the doc is always right,never asks questions,doesnt know what they test her blood for etc. She just accepts it.

If there was a specialist near by I would try get her referred. Many thanks. (I feel i may be referring to this forum quite a lot!)

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  • Hi...if you google ....Find a UK lupus will take you to a list of specialists by St Thomas Lupus Hospital......Hope this helps. x

  • Thanks mstr (why didnt i think of that lol!) So i just did that and....... in my area (manchester) its the very same rheumy that i see for my Ssc!! So,im going with my Mum to her GP to get her referred to him. Am I right in thinking that they cant refuse to refer,if the patient insists?

  • Hi san61. I live in manchester but travel to Wigan to Wrightington hospital as Dr gladston Chelliah is the consultant rheumatologist there. He is really good, very understanding, his secretary is also very understanding and helps in any way she can. He sees people on a special ward as extra to his clinic so he is very available. He used to be in Birmingham where he did some research into Lupus. My daughter is a Consultant and after researching herself she insisted I saw him and feel I am lucky having him on my side especially when I am really struggling. Give him a try and I am sure your mum will not be disappointed x

  • thanks janann. Its a bit too far realy as i havnt transport and my mum isnt very mobile. Im going with her to the gp next week so hopefully he will refer her to Prof Bruce at the MRI. Do you know.... can one insist on being referred or is it up to the gp ?

  • Hi, yes you can ask to be referred to a particular consultant...sometimes Gp's try to tell you otherwise but it is your right to choose who and where you go to.You do right to get your mum seeing someone you believe in...too many people unecessarily stick with doctors they are not happy with and miss out on treatment and care they should have...go for it and ensure you get the best you can for mum and of luck x

  • Thanks Mysti25. I will let you all know after wednesday! x

  • Hope all goes well on really shouldnt have any problems with a simple request for a second opinion..I had no trouble getting referral to a different hospital of my choice in a different Trust when I asked

    for second of luck x

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