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I'm seeing a rheumatologist at Guys. My last appointment was in September, when I was put on Hydroxychloroquine, and a follow up appointment was booked for January. I thought that was long but ok. I've just had a letter through today saying that my January appointment has had to be rescheduled - to June! Are you freaking kidding me?! Anyone else have these issues with Guys?

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  • Sorry to hear about that.

    I'm at Guys and my appointments are 6 monthly. Touch wood they've not been cancelled. I used to see Prof K but now I'm under Dr Sangle.

    Did they give you a reason?

  • I do! It took them one month to type results letter and that was chasing them daily for2 weeks! Call them regularly and depending who you are seeing, try to speak with them. Worst case, turn up at the clinic and try to re-book

  • I just got prescribed Hydroxychloroquine too...and Methotrexate plus a couple of other drugs...2nd Dec and next appointment was scheduled end of Feb. (Norhwick Park Hospital). I thought that was a long wait! But hearing your rescheduling, guess a 3 month wait is not bad...they also said I could call the nurse anytime I had any concerns which was comforting. Did you get a number to call if things got worse?

  • I'm with Guys too, was seen in Aug was given a steroid injection seen a month later by the Lupus nurse (who by the way was brilliant and helpful,) she even went and got Dr Sangle to come and see me as the injection hadn't worked. My next appointment is Jan (really hope they don't change it).

    You can ring and ask to go on the cancellation list. Are you being monitored at your GP's? As I would have thought that they would want to make sure you are getting on ok with your mediation. You can also ring and speak to the lupus nurse as well.

  • Not with guys hosp but pretty much the same with my hospital.

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