Tendon in knee popping?

Last Monday I managed to tear ligaments in my foot. I have a history of weak ligaments having ruptured them all in both ankles as a teen. This week I've been getting what feels like little electric shicks in the tendons behind my knee. Are rubbish ligaments a lupus thing? Also, could the popping tendon in my knee be as a result of my foot injury or an attack of lupus?


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Hi bonnie, i think the popping in your tendons and having ligaments problems are all connected with lupus, i know mine are, i have hypermobility in every joint, my tendons have also gone in the past my achillies, and i have planter fasculits of the also under a podiatrist as my toes are now going and they feel like tgey have no bones running through them, when you see you rhumy could you ask them and see what they say.the poping sounds awfull i also get this, and crunching noise lol. My lupus affect my internal organs as well as my joints..your rhumy will be able to explain to you more information. Lupus is like a finger print everyones is slightly diff and effects us in diff ways, the medication we get then is tailored to fit x hope this helps

Sorry i cant shed more light on this for you.


willowwag, thanks got your reply. I am new to this lupus world though now it seems I've been suffering with it since adolescence. Bloodwork and history confirmed lupus and APS last July but only got seen by a specialist last week for the first time and now, because he is leaving I'm being transferred to another specialist. Livid with my GP who constantly tries to downplay my conditions and is in denial that I'm so sick. He's givn me really dangerous advice and was angry I got a referral.

Lots of issues like this leave me wondering if it's caused by lupus or something else. Feel like I'm a hyperchondriac sometimes. And I'm still desperate to know verdict from St T about degree of lupus and what meds I need. Its very disconcerting waiting so long to get treated. All the time I'm worried about what harm it is doing me.


Hi bonnie, i know how you feel its such a struggle to get your diagnosis, and then when your told the news, they give you snip bits of information, its like swimming with with weights on your ankles. One thing you can be sure on is lupus folk help each other and this site is great, there a people here who have had the condition yrs and some over just diagnosed. And who better to give advice than the people who have lupus, lupus is a learning curve and we learn every day..have they given you any medication, i started on planquinell 200mg twice a day after food and anitriptaline at bedtime. Im now on steriod injections, lupus can make you hurt inside and out so never ever feel like its in your head the pain you feel is real. Stay strong x hugs


You are so kind. Thank you.

I have been on increasing meds over the years. For eavh symptom my gp chucked another pill at me. Hypothyroid detected in pregnancy so on thyroxine. Been on iron for years as persistently anaemic. On clacium for years because I've lost four inches in height in last ten years. Then for muscle pain and fatigue put on more etc etc. In November started on Fragmin and now warfarin for life following positive result for APS discovered almost by acfident 8 years post stroke and several TIAs.

Currently on thyroxine, vit D, calcium, vit B12, iron, amitryptaline (TMJ severe pain), codiene, warfarin. No lupus meds yet. Hoping controlling lupus will let me drop some pills as I rattle when I walk!!

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