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Has anyone had an itchy rash on lower arms and back of hands?

for the last 3 weeks ive had a VERY itchy burning rash on my lower arms and back of my hands, doctor diagnosed scabies at first and treat it as that but now 3 weeks later hes not quite sure, hes one of those doctors who asks..."what is lupus" never fails to build my confidence in them, im seeing my lupus specialist on 30th january but just wondered of anyone can try and reassure me xxx

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i have the rash on my hands an dr prescribed a cream to use btu didn't say it was to do with that sores on hands and rashes are lupus


I get terrible itching on my lower arms but no rash. Putting them under a running cold tap and covering them with E45 anti itching cream gives some relief.


the only way to descibe the rash is red blobs but when touched they feel like bruises, its starting to get me down because im not allowed to return to work until a diagnosis is made x


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