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Day 5 of flaring and getting worse! :(

Hi all,

Sorry to post moaning again but it's day 5 of flaring and it's getting worse. I have flu like symptoms, very weak, headache, can't sleep which is unusual for me when flaring and horrendous nausea which again is unusual I usually get a little nausea but not this bad I can't even eat, I have no appetite and struggling with toast to take my meds. My doc changed my meds on Wednesday from mertazapine to duloxetine 60mg for chronic pain syndrome and I was just wondering if this could have anything to do with the way im feeling although the nausea started the night before I started the duloxetine. I would be grateful for any advice as I feel dreadful and am struggling looking after my 9yr old as my husbands working 12 shifts til Wednesday. Thanks in advance my fellow lupies.

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Hi sezzie. Sorry to hear you are poorly.

I too am flaring badly and have been since 21 December so I feel your pain. Rest lots and lots, drink lots of fluids and try and keep positive - advice which I should follow myself right now!

Sending hugs x


Thanks loopylooby and I hope you too feel better soon. X


Hi, sounds like you should see you GP, or ring your rheumy to me, nausea is so tough to cope with when it is constant as you describe, a change in meds can contribute as you say - but the nausea started previous evening - I'm guessing the meds were changed though due to a change in symptoms - so it could be a case of waiting for the new ones to kick in.

I always feel though if in doubt - check it out! Even if this doesn't get you immediate relief of symptoms it may stop you worrying for speaking to a professional about your symptoms.

All the best and take care.


Hi slowmo,

I went to see my gp yesterday and she's doing more bloods tomorrow. She thought I may have a viral infection too. Going back to see her on Thursday to discuss results. She's tweaked a few of my meds also.The rheumy nurse phoned yesterday and said if no better Thursday that the consultant will see me. I think my dr might have e mailed them as she was furious that they had left me flaring as they were so busy and understaffed. I don't feel so nauseas today :) and seem to be getting my appetite back. Thank you for your advice, im not sure how I'd cope without this site. X


So glad you sought advice and things are getting sorted. And also glad you're GP is being pro-active, my rheumy has always responded when my GP makes contact, to be honest I've been quite lucky as my rheumy will discuss with GP same day and tweak meds or offer advice. Wish more were like this for other people too.

Take care.


Wow you are lucky! My gp's very good but she expects me to tell her what to do which isn't always reassuring. X


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