anyone ever get a strange disoriented feeling come over them? kind of a creepy feeling...I think ive had it maybe 3 times since Christmas...(just sitting down..on it comes). I have had all my bloodwork done...stuff back to normal .

We are trying plaquinil 1 every other day...maybe that's it? I know my thyroid keeps slowing...even though they up'd the synthroid months back...testing that again soon. I have mild lupus...

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  • anyone?

  • So sorry no replies yet. Maybe more detail will help. I have lupus and had a thyroidectomy, but must say I can't identify with this. Only disorientation I get is with strong painkillers or when my iron is low. With iron I feel like I'm going to faint. Sorry I can't help. I do recognise your ID and know you are supportive to others so I hope someone can ease your worries. Take care.

  • thanks 6161..its hard to explain...its not a faint..or really light headed even feeling...almost like something taking over for few seconds...I hope the feeling doesn't become stronger..its creepy feeling...Maybe Im morphing..lol.

  • Morning dgleds, this sounds like one of the symptoms I have before diagnosis. I could only describe it as an aura,that people might get before a migraine. It was more common at night before falling asleep. I do still get it occasionally but less often. That and brain fog are the only 2 symptoms that have shown any significant improvement. I would advise talking to your GP. Hope it settles.

  • Thank you....

    i need a steady GP, cause this one is just helping...mine went back to .s. Africa...If it gets worse I can write to my rhumetologist, in another town...no apt with him till June now (he gives you like 10 minutes)...but if this keeps up..or gets stronger...... It might be cause the med adjustment...I hope.

  • Hi I do get odd feelings from time to time I describe it as a frozen feeling, it's like someone pulls the plug on me and I have to sit down and sometimes feel like I can't speak, also I can lose strength on one side of my body. I've told all the drs i see but not had much back until recently when I started with full seizures. I have now been told that these could be partial seizures, until recently I didnt really get any comments on it. Not sure if this helps.

  • that sounds pretty close..

    im hoping not the start of mini seizures, cause I live alone in a town where no family etc

  • duh..forgot to say thank you...thanks :)

  • Hi, I get disorientated feeling, words slur, my neighbour dialled for ambulance once. They said it was either lupus fog or mini stroke but didn't follow it up. Now when I feel 'woolley headed' I lay down until it passes. Not sure if that's a help to you, hope so.

  • I hope that it isn't mini seizures and the neuro and rheumy I see never really commented until this new development so I'm not convinced of that. I'm not sure but I think I might have posted a question about this kind of thing and got some responses back that people have similar episodes. I'll have a trawl back and see if I can find anything.

    Take care

  • thank you Annie330 :)

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