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Oral thursh for over a year

Hi I wondered if anyone could help

Me I've been suffering with oral thursh for around 15 months my gp has given me nystatin on numerous occasions also I have had 3 weeks worth or fliconzole but nothing shifts it I have also been feeling so tired and have been experiencing a very painful neck (to the point where I want to cut my head off! ) for the same amount of time my neck Maybe longer :-(

I have had 2 back operations in the past and have had a mri on my neck which just shows mild cervical spondolhos (can't spell) I literally at my wits end I'm a 34 female feeling like an 84 year old could anyone help thanks


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Oh dear, sounds like your having a pretty rough time. I've never had thrush, it's bad enough with constant ulcers etc. it sounds like you need to make a nuisance of yourself and keep going back to the gp until They get it under control and if they can't then should refer you to ent. I hope you get some relief soon. X


I've just changed surgery's I went to the new one today and the doctor was much more helpful she is sending me for more blood tests i so hope I get this sorted soon as really can't take no more thanks for your reply :-)


Hi Sarah

When I have had yeast infections in the past. My homeopath told me to cut out all sugars as the yeast needs the sugars to feed on. I haven't had a recurance since then. Before I had it in my mouth,my stomach, valvular and feet.

It may be worth a try for a few days

Good luck

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the other thing you could try if you havn't already, is eating live yoghurt daily - good luck

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I have tried this and it doesn't work :-( :-(


Could try a prebiotic called Biokult. It's very good - available from chemists and even my local Tesco has started stocking it on the shelf.

I agree with Sheilacrystals - avoid all sugar, which weirdly the thrush might make you crave. Watch out for the different names for types of sugars that may be hidden in foods. Also avoid products containing yeast eg bread, beer and fermented/mouldy products.

Try to work out the triggers eg antibiotics (terrible trigger), weakened immune system, maybe a particular food. Note, if you have a partner, you may be reinfecting each other constantly so it's a good idea to treat a couple at the same time.

Live yoghurt is soothing, try to hold it in your mouth for a minute or two before swallowing and remember to make sure it's unsweetened. But to get the numbers of prebiotics you need to get back on track, you'll almost certainly need a bigger quantity and variety of prebiotic strains than yoghurt can provide on it's own - that's where Biokult can really help.

Really sorry to hear about your arthritis - I know how constant pain & ache can completely wear & grind you down. Anti inflammatory painkillers eg ibubrofen can help when it's mild and there are stronger options available but recommend you ask your GP, as certain anti-inflammatories/painkillers need to be avoided with some medical conditions.

Exercise & building up supportive muscles can really help, both short-term and long-term, swimming being one of the best options if you're anywhere near a pool.

Watch out for posture, especially peering at a computer/laptop/phone screen and also when you're driving. I used to wear a pony tail until I realised it made me lean forwards when driving & make everything worse!

Finally, if you've had back operations you must already know, but the right mattress and particularly the right pillow is crucial. I needed a med-soft mattress (not orthopedic) and my pillow is soft and thin but it's what suits you. Some pillows are a nightmare!

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Hi Sarahs4464,

I have just replied to another thread on this subject two days ago.... I will repeat what I said then. I have had oral thrush over the past two years. It was brought on recently by fresh fruit (plums) and before that by melon. Since then I have found that any single stoned fruit brings it back, but I have found that natural goat's yogurt helps a lot. I have tried all the prescribed medication but it just kept coming back. I love fruit but I have drastically cut my intake to the bare minimum, and this now keeps things in check. So, if you are a fruit eater, google 'fresh fruit and oral thrush'... it brings up a lot of issues.

Hope this helps.


Hi Sarah,

Have you tried corsodyl mouthwash? It is very good for oral thrush and mouth ulcers. It tasks foul, but it's very good x


Yes Hun I have tried this thanks for advice tho x


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