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bit of a crude question !!!

Hello all,

My pelvis hurts when i get up from sitting and when i go to the loo . When i go to the loo ,both bottom sides of my back hurts. I thought maybe pulled a muscle ? ( i have been constipated lately ) I've had this for 1 and half weeks but was wondering if this could be disease related ? i have CTD and fibro ?Any thoughts ? Also have the odd pain on the side of my groin ( top of my leg) The pain has got better but still not gone ! never had this pain before ( especially in my privates!)

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Not crude - these things are important. I would go to a GP and get checked for a UTI or somekind of pelvic inflammation if I were you. Doesn't sound like your kidneys from your description but could be urinary tract or pelvic.

Better to go and get it checked - the trouble is (this is me - and might be you) you never want to 'bother' the doctor and worry that you are going there for nothing....


larrisa snap so do i , ive just had a pelvic scan and am awaiting results but in the meantime my other results have come back that i have fibro as well as sle so im thinking that the chest/rib/bum/back is fibro? but do go 2 your drs, i feel like dot cotton in the dr legg days but hey we suffer enough hunx


Snap, if it's anything to go by, I have EXACTLY the same symptoms, have had the camera into the bowel and it turns out to be a spastic section of the bowel that is causing the problem along with diverticulitis, which is not necessariily caused by lupus. In my case this has never gone away over time but I have just had to deal with iit, mainly with high fibre diet. If you are constipated this is a problem you must report to your gp however embarrasing you find it, it is important to clear this whatevver means your gp decides is best. Don't be embarrased, just go for it with your gp.

Best of luck


I feel pajn around my pelvic area...most of the time im ok walking when i sit down i find it very difficult to get up because of the pain. I feel like my bones are creeking am worried that they wont be able to support me one day and will snap ...i havnt been to the doc yet...i feel that i hav a million things to say to the doc where do i start?.... Good luck and keep well.. Uzi...x


ive had pelvic pain on and off since having lupus,never mentioned it to gp or rhuemmy though as like uzi41 i already have alot of other things to mention. good luck x


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