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I had a flare following the flu jab this year. Has this happened to anyone else?


I had been really well until the jab after which I suffered joint pains , nausea, fatigue, hot flushes, dry eyes and an episode of severe lower abdominal pain with nausea. I have not reacted to a flu jab before. I was diagnosed with MCTD 20 years ago but am not currently on any medication.

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I had the flu jab and the pneumonia jab; got the normal sore arms, but a couple of days later had my usual 48 hours in bed, unable to move and aching over - which is how a flare normally works for me. Have been told that this year's flu jab does cover swine flu which might cause the problem. xx

yes I think I may have been starting to go into a flair when I got the jam but I certinaly went straight into one. Got the jab in mid Sep and the flair didnt end till early Nov.

The last time I had the flu jab I went into a flare that lasted for three months, needless to say I haven't had another one since. I catch infections at a drop of a hat and when I catch them they last for a very long time, so I am tempted to have the jab, but I am really afraid to, even more so now that is also covers swine flu.

I tend to react to any new substances, weird foods, new drugs, shots...etc...

Generally avoid them any just take normal disease avoiding precautions instead. Hand sanitizer, mask, etc...

Hi mag lupus

I too have been ill ever since my flu jab end of Sept. My Gp has sAid it shows your immune system is working and if I hadn't had the jab and got flu I'd be seriously ill. It 's tough for us to decide. Hope you feel better soon. X



I have had the flu jab since the swine flu scare years ago and had no reaction. This year I had a flare with tooth and jaw pain plus joint and muscle pain. I am still not well with fatigue worse that the usual running out of spoons.

Hope your symtoms are better . Have a happy christmas.

Yes, i had what was probably a big big reaction to the flu jab several years ago, about 6 months after starting plaquenil for re diagnosed SLE at 58 (turns out I'd been diagnosed 2x when very young, but no one told me, so my version of lupus went untreated systemically all my life): almost immediately after that flu jab I got flu like symptoms & a nasty triple + staph infection came out in one nasal passage which in the course of treatment turned out to be linked to a flare of osteomyelitis in the corresponding upper jaw bone due to long term unrecognised infection from a root canal that had gone wrong in the '90s...although the dentist had repeatedly told me things were normal (just as all the hospital clinics I'd been attending for decades told me my various secondary diagnosed conditions were all normal)

That was a doozie of a reaction to that flu jab....and I'd had flu jabs each winter for years without significant probs. so, actually I'm glad the osteomyelitis did flare cause that meant it got treatment (5 months on heavy dose oral antibiotics: no picnic, but seems to have worked)

Since then I made a choice: no flu jabs for me! My GP & rheumatology clinic don't seem concerned I'm avoiding flu jabs!

Hi sorry to hear you had a bad reaction after your flu jab, I wonder if it may have been coincidence as the flu vaccine is a "dead vaccine" so us lupies should not react to it in abnt way. I have been having it for years and have been a lupie for almost 20 years and never had a reaction of any sort. The trouble is at this time of year there are so many air-bourne nasties about where ever we go I don't think that we can say the flu jab is any more to blame than the air we breath whilst out shopping in busy shopping centers.

I sincerely hope that your symptoms ease and that you are able to enjoy the festive season feeling well (what ever is well for you anyway)

Take care

Madmagz x

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