Hi there, does anyone suffer from pale swolen itchy gums? :(

I woke up with excrutiating pain in upper abdomen last week (felt like kidney Stones, had them a few years ago) just feel a bit beaten up now. Don't know if this has anything to do with itchy gums :) I would be most gratefull for any response, tried calling my gp he's fully booked for weeks, don't feel it's serious enough to push for appointment.

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  • If you think its kidney stones, or even suspect it, I think I'd go the the Emergency Room. Are you urinating any blood? Seems this is something that needs immediate attention. Let us know what happens. Good luck to you.

  • I would say you need to go to the doctor, quickly, as you could be anaemic. Hope you get it sorted soon

  • Thankyou for replying, my urin is ok but just under my left rib / side and upper back is still very painfull so looks like I will take youre advise and see my gp first thing Monday morning. Hope you are all well, take care ;)

  • Re. the gums, yes, and after weeks of prescribed mouthwashes to no avail it turned out to be thrush. Canesten Oral Capsule (a single dose tab) sorted it immediately.

  • Oh thank's Tigerlilly4 :) I have some Daktarin oral gel I cannot Get the canasten without prescription (I live in Norway ) I'll give that a try and salt water til monday :) feel better already with some understanding ;)

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