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this weather is treating me badly. i cant go outside without getting my fingers painful and blue. my entire body is buried in pain, exhaustion and fatigue. had serious nose bleeding 2 days ago. my fingers are so sore that when it mistakenly scratch each other i send fire to my head. if i cut my nails i am unable to grip any thing. it is very frustrating that the vital parts of my body (hand and feet) are so sore. I cant remember when last i had a pain free day. i have a therapist that is helping to overcome acute pain. she is good but my pain cant be controled. I drow myself with pain killers ( 8 a day sometimes i take more if my mum is not there) . i get out of breath now when i just take a couple of steps, nause and low appetite cant even stand my favourite food. I fear for the worse, I need my health oh! God help me please.

sorry all that am moaning badly but this is the only place i open up without being judged. I am even tire of people having pity for me, i detest visitors am confinded to my house. I cant even go to the cinema, I cant be outside for more than 3hrs. what a life. my dr suggestion i have an iloprost infusion to help me through winter, but i refused it cos it is more of a killer, it is an argonizing treatment. Please just pray for me as i also pray for u all. i am so sad and depressed.

thank all


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Hi there ijeasike

I just read your post about how you are feeling and had to drop you a line

Don't give up hope ! I have a condition that at times makes me feel I can't go on but then something happens that just helps to get me thought that day. Also it's good to express how you feel and even to cry as this can help to relieve stress.is it cold weather that affects you?


i cried out yesterday infact i wailed and looking at my son broke my heart. thanks for the support


This is my worse time of year as well, sometimes I find it difficult to go out and I stay inside for 2 or 3 days at a time. Sometimes it a struggle just to get dressed in the morning.now people who come to my house find me in a onsie. I think you need to ask your doctor for some help just explain to him what you have told us and a sure he will come up with a solution.

Healing hugs ijeaslike I know exactly how you feel I walk in your shoes everyday.



Getting dressed is a nightmare. i dnt look forward to wearing my bra or even taking it off ( my breast aches). healing thanks love and healing hugs


Hi, I suffer badly with Raynaud's and also have discoid lupus . Recently started a supplement called CIRCULEASE (HEALTHSPAN) which helps a lot, not just with Raynaud's but also generally Good luck x


thanks for the information


Hi ijeasike

You are doing well, it's not easy but you also looking after your son so I take my hat off to you

Yes it's a bad time of year , I find sleeping difficult and I can never get comfortable and the pain wakes me up , to be honest going out to my job part time helps me

Though it's painful

I find sitting in the house makes it worse

I also pray as this helps me to think someone really understands how I feel

Thanks for sharing ...


thanks dear


How have you been today?:-)


Hi Friend,it's so bad, so frustrating, I can't imagine how it feels, though I get really bad days myself

Yes , you don't want to be the victim all the time, get fed up with yourself, but it's good to have a moan to those who get it.

Well done for using the forum, your experience is helping others to know they are not alone in their pain


Thanks dear


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