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Interesting teaching video. It will explain everything you ever wanted to know about Lupus!

See link below. :O)

Dear All,

I have attached a very interesting link I found on You Tube.

It is a teaching video and it seems to answer all our questions in one hit!

I hope you are all doing OK and keeping the wolf away from the door (excuse my pun!)

He has been knocking at my door lately :O(

Keep safe everyone. x

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Very interesting, answered a few questions I had, Thanks. Hope the wolf stays away from your'e door :o))


Very interesting good to hear an all round explanation. Hope you are feeling a little better. X


Really helpful in explaining the drug regimes, also good photos. Thankyou for considering others when you feel rough, hope your flare passes soon.


Hello poorly lupy lupus.Hope you are feeling brighter soon. I found the teaching video excellent t if not slightly alarming as to what may be ahead. Makes me want to do all I can myself to help me keep well. I find eating a very healthy balanced diet, keeping stress controlled, allow time for rest and hibernation as required and doing weekly hydrotherapy exercises is keeping wolf from the door. However it brings you up short when you are ill and realise how rapidly your general health can suffer. I get stonking migraines at times which means I cannot keep my meds down and then rapidly go in downward spiral. Have learnt that I have got to respect this condition!! Also grateful I have 2 healthy children but helps to explain the subsequent 3 miscarriages I had. Keep writing everyone . I love this kinsmanship and mutual understanding. X


Many thanks for posting above video,very helpful. Hope the wolf is not too troublesome for you.He's around for me but on the way out !.


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