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Extreme tiredness!

For the past 4 weeks I am spending 3/4 days in bed sleeping not just a wee snooze but 12 to 16 hours at a time sleeping! Then struggle to get up wash then back to bed and sleep straight through!

I've tried to plan to do things went to doctor who gave me steroids etc but nothing seems to help!

I feel so drained doing even the simplest things like washing myself is sapping all my energy!

I wish I could give myself a shake and make it go away! I have tired everything to try and get back to realative normality but the fatigue takes over I can't think function or do anything.

Please any suggestions of help I need to get my life back!

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Are you on Plaquenil? I found that when I started Plaquenil my fatigue went away.


Yes I've been on it for about 2 years just can't figure this out


Maybe it is time to check your thyroid levels, when was the last time you've checked them? Are you blood tests ok anaemia-wise? If it was a flare, the symptoms would have responded to steroids, which is why I'm thinking of alternatives.


Get the doc to check your vitamin D levels as mine are very low and that makes you tired. Hope you can sort it.

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Thanks I will get that done


This happens to me period.ically - usually I think because lupus flaring as also my join pain and headaches areworse. I cansleep 16+ hours without waking, very heavy sleep and can do for some days. And when I fall to sleep it feels like all of me is knocked out - usually struggle to get into bed as so tired and then sort of black out/ seem to fall down heavily everything shuting down when I hit the mattress. Always assume its tremendous fatigue and sometimes it follows days of working hard and nights of sleeping poorly because of pain! My Vit D is fine - but do get bloods checked. Xxx


Awh poor you. Yes, you should get checked for other causes but also have you tried a gluten free diet? Made a huge difference to my energy levels. Take care x


I was tired all the time cud sleep anywhere and everywhere, it seems to be getting better but there's day where I can't get out of bed and just won't to slep all day long witch is Impossible because I have so much other things to do.


I know the feeling it's awful I hope it gets better for u xo


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