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Can't take much more of this

I am in so much pain with my lower back that I can't stop crying. Had to call out the emergency doc on Wednesday because I was in agony. My muscles had gone into spasm and I had no feeling in my feet. It took 6 hours for him to come. On top of everything, I've been turned down for DLA again! I don't drive, I can't work and I can't afford taxis so am housebound. I feel like the whole worlds against me at the moment. Just need some words of encouragement if anyone has any because am feeling very lonely at the moment. Love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Lillyanne, so sad to hear all you are going through, probably silly Q have no pain killers worked for you. Its not fair that this has left you house bound, if you lived close to me I would visit you.

Lots of hugs to you. X



Hi Lillyanne, when we are in pain we don,t think clearly and that makes us feel even more vulnerable. I hope you can get something to take away your pain. Are there any groups you can join later that may help like a physio group, pool physio . When we can talk to others who understand it actually helps. An you ask for an adult social work assessment to find out what services are available locally to you.? I hope your pain eases very soon and that you re able to get some support xx


Hi Lilyanne, i think i know exactely how you are feeling with the pain in your back. Is it in your lower spine? Mine is and its a pain scream out andsob my heart out. It feels like someone has a razor snd is scraping the spine bone. I tend to get mine through flareor when the weather changes and gets cold. I too have muscle calf pain and my feet go blue and stabing pains. So far i did report it and still waiting for a bone scan. Can you get any support where you are? Big hugs to you.


Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. Still suffering terribly today but have managed to get a representative to help me with my DLA claim. He's my local councillor and I am so grateful for his support, its come just when I needed it most. I phoned social services for an assessment but in all honesty I got nowhere. all they said they could do for me was give me household aids, which I already have, or meals on wheels etc, which I can't afford. Got my appointment with my rheumy in 3 weeks and all I can say is he had better be a little more helpful than he has been or my walking stick is gonna slip right where it hurts. I'm a woman on the edge :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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