hi all,i got tested for vit d level,really low <10 so my gps gave me 15 tablets to take 2 a week(tues,sat) then to wait for 6 weeks then go for blood test,in the meantime I have been to spain and spent time outside this summer to try and get my levels up,was tested again and got results at the hospital change,the specialists said the treatment the gps gave wasn't correct and normally you take the 15 tablets in one dose!! does anyone have experience of this? what treatment did you have? they are writing to my gp as there is some guidelines to follow??

thank you for reading xx

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  • When my Vit D levels were very low I was given an injection, but this year when my level was low I was given tablets containing 800iu I started on 2 per day but after 3 months it had little effect and so it was raised to 3 per day, last test my level was 78 and according to GP the level for treatment is below 75 so I am now on 1 per day to maintain this.

  • thanks tracynoe xx

  • I have an injection every 3 months. The alternative was too many tablets to handle! X

  • Hi

    My vitamin d was seriously low I have to take a tablet a day dosage 1000 ui which is 25 mg. I have to take it for life so I have been told. I had to buy them myself though as my consultant couldn't persuade my gp to prescribe them. Typical lol. I do know that if your vitamin d levels are low it does exacerbate the illness. If you would be happier though I would consider the injection instead of taking 15 tablets, might be better for u.


    Esky x

  • hi esky and loopylooby,thank u for your replies,im waiting for my gp to contact me re treatment but I personally would prefer injections,im a bit scared of how complicated this treatment is re dosages and how the doctors disagree,i will hopefully be trying for a baby soon and really want to have good stores of vit d for the importance of the baby xx

  • Hi like Esky I take one 1000 IU tablet daily which I buy online. Plus a Calcichew (prescribed) which has 400 IU. My Vit D levels are in the 'good to very good' range. Get tired but no rash when I go in sun so decided to take as a precaution. I do feel better for asking them they seemed to make a subtle difference to my energy levels.

  • thanks for your reply sjink,still awaiting for gp to ring!! x

  • One of my routine bloods showed vitamin d too, saw GP on Monday and he's put me on pro d3 20,000 iu (yes20,000 i'm coping from the box) He's told me to take it like this: one tablet three times a day for five days then two every month......he said the huge dose is too give it a boost then followed by top ups(they don't offer injections in my local health authority) and like most go back in 6weeks for bloods...I have been on them 3 days now not sure if they are supposed to be doing anything other than raise my vit d . I'd be onto your GP with all our replies xxxxxxx

  • thanks houghton73shaw I will x

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