fighting for pension

hi, is there an information sheet to download with how lupus affects us? I have been fighting for 5 years now for ill health pension- long story but wrong forms given and not put in for 3 years !! Now they want evidence I was unfit for work when finished in Dec 08 but the consultant I saw then has left so trying to get as much info together as possible Thank you :)


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7 Replies

  • I get a small ill health pension. Although I had long since left the job, I asked to be retired because of ill health. My GP would not give my previous employers any information. So I gave them permission to access my medical records.

    I had to be assessed by one of their doctors. When I saw him, he had my records on his desk. A thick pile of them, mostly from the time I was diagnosed with Lupus. I had no idea so much had been written about me by different doctors. He gave me a quick examination and said you'll never work again, not with those hands and retired me.

  • Hi, Did you get access to preferred benefits pension? I have that but am fighting for ill health which would pay as is worked to 65. To get ill health I have to prove I was unfit for work again in Dec 08. Lupus had not been diagnosed as positive then, but fibromyalgia had.. They accept that now I will not work again , its just proving that was so in 08 too.

  • No I didn't. I actually should have applied for ill health retirement long before I did, so I missed out. My retirement age from the county council, who worked for is sixty five. I'm sixty two at the moment, and I also got my state pension last year.

  • Hi Jayfer,

    You can download a lot of information from our website, such as all our factsheets. Alternatively, If you'd like I can send you one of our information packs? Just send me a private message or email with your name and address.

  • Thank you Paul, I have found the information and will print it off.

  • Is this something related to your employer/benefits package?

  • hi, yes it is. I was told when finished through ill health in Dec 08 I could apply for pension, but they gave me forms for access to preserved benefits in error! 3 years later they put the forms in & it was only when I was successful that I realised I had applied for wrong pension. So now fighting for this as they allowed me to apply for ill health pension due to their mistake- I worked for local council for 30 yrs A BIG mix up :(

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