Need statistics for fatigue?

When being considered for ill,health early retirement this week, the assessor concluded that I suffer from 'fatigue', he blatantly ignored the myriad of other physical symptoms that are a part of my everyday life. He claimed to have difficulty reaching a decision as he feels uncertain whether I will still be 'tired' in 10 years from now. He therefore postponed making an award/decision regarding my pension as he would like stats on how many people suffer fatigue in the long term. Does anybody know where I may find this info (if it exists that us). Thanks in advance.

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  • what a prat! Does he actually know anything about lupus?

  • I still get fatigue/exhaustion despite medication (plaquenil is stated to help fatigue but it has not really done so with me) and I was diagnosed in 2003

    When I was retired due to ill health at first I had to wait 6 month for plaquenil to have effect. Then I had to appeal a decision that turned me down (on grounds that they were not sure how long term I would be affected), so your postponment may be part and parcle of that

    In order to win my appeal I had to provide "evidence" that my symptoms were "long-term" (ie would last until I reached "normal retirement age" (60 yrs old for my case) so I got my drs to write letters for me - Could your consultant and GP back up your case by writing a letter for you that spells out your symptoms and likelyhood of permenance?

    perhaps Lupus UK could also help

  • Many thanks for the advice, whilst I didn't expect the application to be straight forward, I rather hoped the assessor may have some insight into lupus. Thanks, I will contact consultant again and maybe lupus UK.

  • I'm sure Lupus UK could give you figures, or point you to someone who could. And maybe St Thomas hospital lupus unit, too.

    Good luck slowmo. X

  • The Lupus UK website, states fatigue as one of the two main SLE symptoms. Good luck Sebitha

  • How awful and unbelievable. Get the info you need from your doctor, consultant and lupus UK. Try not to. let it stress you out to much and I hope it gets sorted for you soon. Best of luck ; ) x

  • Thanks to all who replied, I will contact the relevant people and hopefully ease my stress.

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