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I love my Osteopath!

I saw an osteo for the first time yesterday, and I have to stay that I love her. She cracked my back for me and I feel so much better today! She said that I have a very tight shoulder, caused by sitting at a desk, and a band of tightness across the middle of my back, caused by SLE. She took so much pleasure in cracking my back, that one does wonder if I am just a walking roll of bubblewrap to her! :-D

Just wanted to share my happiness, after months of feeling like I want to be put in traction!

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Glad the treatment helped and you feel better and therefore happy, but it does make you wonder if there is a little sadism involved in 'cracking' peoples bones, lol.


Hi. I love my osteopath too! I go every year and have a couple of sessions on my back and legs! Its brilliant.


My experience is that the osteopaths who "crack" or "crunch" people's bones, are ones that really don't understand fully osteopathy - I have osteoporosis and must never ever have my back, vertebrae or bones, crunched in any way because more than likely it would end up with a fracture for me. My osteopath truly understands my condition and concentrates on a lot of soft tissue work and believes he would be medically negligent if he "crunched" any bones on me. A lot of people think that they have only had a proper session of osteopathy if they get a crunch, but more damage can be done by that, than even the original problem had done.

Likewise chiropractors.

Foggy x


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