Low Ferritin / low testosterone - mega tired, very hot hands, night sweats

I've recently found that that my ferritin levels are extremely low. It is at 7, out of a range of 20-300. Also, my testosterone is below range at <0.2. On top of my lupus and addisons, this could explain why my never able to get rid of the fatigue. Has anyone else been experiencing this? Were you given any meds? I'm not sure what they can do about the ferritin as my hemagolbin is only just under at 11. I don't get on with iron tablets.

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I have never had my testosterone measured to my knowledge, but i could be wrong.

i certainly dont feel like I have much of the stuff these days, and to be honest I dont miss it much.

I did have a very bad spell a couple of years ago when my energy was at zero, and my libido was on the floor, felt like crap and had lumps in my neck, saw the doc and had test to rule out Lymphoma etc, and we put it down to a lupus flare. A few weeks later I saw my lady at St.T's who figured the same and put me on a low dose steroid, which did nothing apart from making my skin feel soft and my lungs feel like silk.

So she did a huge bunch of tests, and this came back showing everything ok, apart for my ANA and PSA.

And this gave me an instant diagnosis of prostate cancer and a referral to Guys.

And this lead to a biopsy and a lot of fear and worry and a sore bottom.

And ultimately to finding that it was all a false alarm, which sorted itself out in the end.

So dont worry unduly.


Yes my iron levels are low to, they think it could be due to heavy monthly a going to see a gyne doc on Tuesday, but also I have to take iron tablets I take them at nite as they make me feel really sick in the day try taking them at night see if it helps good luck


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