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Posts v Questions

I know it is confusing the way the site has been re-arranged and re-labelled, I'm not usually shy with technology but I'm still struggling until I get used to the new layout.

You've all noticed that Blogs has been re-named Posts? Let's not forget that a Question is something to which you want a response, whilst a Post is one that is usually an update, or a comment but that doesn't ask a question.

I don't really know why this split was necessary in the first place but there we are, so we might as well use it as intended.

So, if you want to ask a question and you want an answer, ask it under the tab "Questions". Otherwise use this tab "Posts".

Confusing, I know!

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Hi just found your post glad i did i have found this new site very confusing i think i might understand it now you have said what to do, i have lost all my old posts and responses not sure were they have all gone and i have stopped receiving emails when other people have been asking questions!i liked reading all the other questions and answers,

keep well x


Until I'm getting used to it I'm going directly to the Questions tab and read, then to the Posts tab and read and only after that I go to the Home tab to see what other answers have been given in the meantime. Otherwise I get confused with all those interlocking responses...


Thanks i will try and work it out when my brain gets in gear !! thanks x


Thats how i also do it purple top, top logic x


Thank you Purpletop I will do the same I was geting so confused then again thats not hard too do.



I can't work out these site changes, it was a lovely open forum but seems that since it was high-jacked by Lupus UK it has become so complicated. Maybe I should have to subscribe to Lupus UK to find all the familiar folk. Ah well, carry on regardless and try and find another site.


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