First Rheumy app, how long for results?

Went to see the rheumatologist on the 24th June for the first time. I gave her a list of all my symptoms, family history, etc. She did a thorough examination and sent me for bloods and a chest xray. She was positive that I haven't got fibro but that I probably have a autoimmune disease, she didn't say which one and I at this time didn't suggest lupus. She then said she would see what the test results say. No info about another appointment.

How long does it usually take to hear again from the rheumy?

Many thanks


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  • I think it depends on the hospital you attend, my hospital always advises it will take up to 6 weeks for results. I had the same experience as you at my first rheumy appointment (back in April), examination and then sent for bloods and chest x-ray. I was copied into the letter sent to my GP (4 weeks after the appointment) with the results stating the diagnosis is probable SLE/Sjorgren's overlap syndrome. The letter to the GP stated I was being recalled to the hospital for a follow up appointment. I finally received an appointment for September!!

    You could give the rheumatologist's secretary a call and ask how long the results normally take to come through. I was originally sent to E.N.T. on my quest for a diagnosis and the 6 weeks I was told it would take for me to receive results came and went so I gave the consultants secretary a call and she was very helpful.

    If you give the hospital a ring and get a time frame it'll stop you being disappointed every time the post arrives and there is no results letter.

  • Many thanks for this info. I can see that I am rather impatient but it would have helped to have a rough time frame. I will leave it a few weeks and then if I hear nothing I will give the hospital a ring.

    It's not that I want a diagnoses of lupus but I can't think what else can cause my symptoms over the last 30+ years!! Yes I did say 30+ years!

    Many thanks


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