Anyone managing mortons neuromas?

Have them in both forefeet + inflammed bursae at same sites. Ouch, big time! And ironic cause have spent adult life taking ultra good care of my flippers!

Whatever, my MN/Bs have been recently fully diagnosed by a top nhs orthopedic surgeon via MRI. although actually, I am 7 years into managing my MN/Bs conscientiously & conservatively (bespoke full food langer orthotics with big met domes, arnica gel, exercises, anti-inflamation diet & supplements, rationed weigh bearing, sensible foot wear etc etc).

only got this definitive NHS diagnosis last year. Meanwhile, my osteopath, podiatrist & pain consultant had already got to this diagnosis years earlier, so the final nhs diagnosis was anticipated...although previous NHS ortho surgeons had told me i was imagining things trying not to remember the way I was treated! Anyway, even last year, the final v senior nhs Ortho surgeon was vvvvv negative: told me no alternative treatments due to my sle. And I should '/stay off my feet'!. But i persevered: did full research re treatments online & privately saw my pain consultant. Am now on second of a series of pain consultant's steroid injections..

Would be glad to know am not alone. My SLE, global hypermobility & osteopenia are amongst my complicating factors.

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Yes I have them and can hardly walk so painful .. had steroid injections and they made them worse.!


Oh my gosh! Had given up hope! Thanks so much: wouldn't wish this on anyone, but am so glad to find you!

How would you feel about telling me your MN story? Do you have the bursitis associated with your MN/s too?

Am v happy to do this by personal message on here, if you like...

Am v happy to share my story too

But no hard feelings if you'd rather not


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