On a happier note than last time!

I came on this site back in December totally distraught with everything! Really down and upset about life in general and even though I have my ups and downs over the last 6 months. (More downs unfortunately) You were all very supportive and nice i wanted to share some good news. I am hoping things are on the up as I have got myself a wee job, I am on the relief non teaching support list for my area and will start after the summer hols as a nursery assistant in the school my kids go to. Just wanted to share something happy in my life :-) fingerscrossed it will all go well! Also on a funny note my boy of 9 asked me what I was writing just now. I told him I was on a site about lupus, and he said I should tell them about my bad speaking and the gibberish I talk, (both him and my 6 yr old girl finish my sentences and change my muddled up words on a daily basis) he then added that I was like that before I got lupus!!!! Oh dear not much hope for me then!! Thanks for reading and take care :-)

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  • That's great news, well done!

  • So glad that things are going well for you right now, and I find it so funny how children adjust to situations and really glad that you can laugh about things - out of the mouths of babes!

  • I am so happy for you. Something really positive, so I wish you everything of the best.

    Kind wishes, Carol

  • Lovely to hear good news!! Well done & yes I agree "out if the mouths of babes!!" My son laughs at my blotchy face and very scarred legs and says "silly old lupus!". Take care everyone x

  • That's fantastic I am so happy for you, good luck and I hope it goes well. :-)

    Madmagz x

  • Thank you everyone for kind words..... Just got 7 weeks of the school hols to get through now!! Take care everyone x

  • Congrats twilo hope all goes well x

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