seroxat/paroxetine for neurological symptoms??

Another med to try??although im very anxious,consultant has suggested trying an ssri seroxat for rebalancing the nervous system ,im also very depressed and my brain totally fried and overloaded ,however I cant seem to switch my brain off ,my autonomic system is way out of whack ,heart,stomache,bladder,bowel,blood pressure and more ,have any of you had good experiences with ssris?im VERY worried as I don't like these drugs,thanks all ,brave;)

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  • I haven't had these, so I can't comment but still, there is hope that it could well work. I know you hate taking medication and I agree it is worrying when you have to start a new one and read all the side effects etc. But I don't see what else you've got left to try, you're in need of some peace soon so you can start recovering!

  • ;))x

  • Brave can I ask what neurological symptoms you have? I am currently waiting for the outcome of my MRI x

  • Where do you want me to start??lol;()to be honest all classic symptoms of M.S with a definite issue with my autonomic nervous system,im waiting to see a consultant in this area,at the moment im taking beta blockers to help migraine and switch of sympathetic activity,and as from today im taking citalopram 10mg as I didn't fancy taking the seroxat (heard to many negatives).For me it looks like I have a condition called dysautonomia,perhaps it came because of lupus ??however this is way more troublesome than anything else at the moment ,im in a sorry old state;( I hope this helps a little loobyloo?take care xp.s my mri was pretty much normal .

  • Hi Brave

    I have been taking ssri (seroxat) at the lowest dose (20mg daily) for the past 10yrs and, for me, the benefits far outweigh any side effects. I was not happy taking them initially, but as I was having a breakdown due to stress of multiple diagnosis and neurological involvement of SLE & APS I too felt they were a 'last chance' and therefore worth trying. I can honestly say they helped , along with CBT & Groups Therapy, to return me to some semblence of normality (mentally at least ;-)). But I know they don't work for everyone, so only you can decide........but don't be scared to give them a need some light at the end of the tunnel! Hugs x

  • thankyou ,,,,,well after winding myself up in knots I decided to give citalopram a go second time around as it a newer ssri,and I felt seroxat maybe to potent for my hypersensitive nervous system, I too feel like im breaking down due to stress of ill health;(so after challenging my g.p he said take which ever one you want as they all do the same,,,,,,not really the answer I was looking for ,I will give this one a go ,if not seroxat here I come ,thanks,,,,,,,,can I ask if t settled your nervous system down?as I really don't need anything to wind mine up ,I need calming and balancing with a mood lift ;)

  • GP's......give me strength grrrrrrrrr! Yes it has settled my nervous system down, but I have been advised by consultant that it probably helps I am able to manage symptoms on the minimum dose. I am on much more of an even keel nowadays - don't get me wrong I still have my 'moments' but they are now manageable. I wasn't ever offered citalopram (probably wasn't available back then) but keep me posted on your progress as it's always good to have alternatives!

  • I will ,thanks for your support ,really need it at the moment;((I wish you well ,brave;)

  • anytime hun, that's what we're all here for :-) x

  • I have to say ,even after reading a not so nice blog this morning where a member felt brushed off by this site ,I feel this site is amazing and I would be lost without it ,thanks for your support x

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