Lights going to be a problem?

I have a dentist appointment today, haven't been for two years, and all of a sudden I am panicking about the lights. My husband has been to this clinic and he out of the blue says, "What are you going to do about all the lights?" He said it is a very bright place with lots of lights, and I know they will be pulling them close, now I am worried. I guess sunscreen, but I can feel headache coming just thinking about it.

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I have just had to have a wisdom tooth out and the molar in front of that to release an infection in my palate, thankfully all went well. The lights didn't bother me but instead of my specs the dentist substituted his plastic protective ones, would your dentist have a sun type version of this. If you are worrying because of discoid lupus then don't I have this and have no effects from the extraction or more to the point the lights!

Take care


Thank you for your reply, will let you know how it goes. I am only getting my front tooth capped or something, a piece broke off. Shouldn't be bad for pain or anything. I am sun sensitive and to much time under lights will probably make me regret this tomorrow, but hey, can't go around with half a front tooth, right? Thanks again for your calming words.


Hi there. When dentists came to the nursery they put sunglasses on the children. So go in with a pair on. I'm sure they'll be fine about it. And good luck.

Shaheda x


I am photosensitive and if this is your problem and what you are concerned about with all the flourescent lighting I can totally understand where you are coming from and understand your worries. I wear gloves, scarf and cover all skin with long sleeves and long trousers thick enough to block the U.V. rays i.e. denim and on any exposed skin I wear at least a factor fifty suncream and find that I am fine. I have told my dentist that I am photosensitive and she is very good and if my scarf slips off she makes sure the apron is covering my skin if not she ensures it does. I wear a bandana at all times as I have no hair and if this slips against the head support I just raise my hand and ask if I can alter it. Normally most dentists are very understanding these days about health issues and are very accommodating to anything that you have to do to cope with your needs so just have a chat when you go in and stress the urgency of what you NEED to do.

Good luck and I hope your dentist is as understanding as mine

Madmagz x


I made it. My husband was right, the room was very bright, with lots of pot lights in ceiling and a big 4 tube fluorescent fixture over chair plus his directional light. Did not have to wait, he was ready to work as soon as I was in chair. I must have been squinting because he did put a pair of big goggle sun glasses on me, and commented on the lights. He only took about 10 minutes to fix my tooth and I was done. When I was at front counter I looked in mirror to check out my tooth and my face was very red already, stayed that way until bedtime, but this morning I am fine - and I can smile again ??!


Well done Chapter. You did it!


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