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Stopped work last year

I stopped work last year and my husband, who is now getting a private pension, asked me a question. If I'm not working, will it effect my pension as I'm not paying NI or tax. I'm 55 at the end if the year and I was going to look into drawing my 3 small pensions that I have. I know that they won't be worth much but every penny helps. We discussed me signing on for work, the only benefit I will get from that is my NI being paid due to my husbands pension and I think the stress of it all won't my health. Looking at all the problems people have with Disability allowances that would be even more stressful. As if we don't have enough to worry about with this damned illness. Can anyone advise me please? X

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i think you need to contact the Benefit office and ask them , I have been off sick since July 2012 I was getting SSP but now im getting ESA from the Benefit Dept . im not sure if you need to be getting Benefit for your NI to be paid .




As steph1 said ask the benefits advice people...


DLA or pips as it is now is worth a try and doesn't have to be that stressful. I get DLA, I contacted the DWP and requested the forms, which they stamp with that date - so any benefit they paid is from that date. Made an appointment to fill it in at the CAB, signed an authority with them for them to do it on my behalf (you MUST get them to fill it it, it;s hard work otherwise). and they will help you with any problems you may encounter on the way. I was awarded DLA after they contacted my consultant and GP. I'm 52 and haven't worked since I was 50. I was lucky in the fact that I have my NI paid for me as I was already a carer for my disabled teenage son.

You can also pay NI on your own (about £6 a week) you could at NI about that - the pros and the cons!!!

You have nothing to loose by trying... and CAB take the stress out of it...

Adamine x


Hi there. You can get a pension forecast from the DWP online. Just go to the Directgov website and follow the links. I don't know what your contribution record is but at present the rules are that you get a full basic state pension if you have made 30 years contributions. You might want to consider voluntary NI contributions if you are still short. There are some quite good (surprisingly for the govt.) leaflets downloadable from their site. Otherwise the good old CAB is the place to go.


Thank you all for your advice I will contact the DWP as I think I might have 30 years contributions, if so it will be a great relief. X


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