need help urgently

i am in the process of being tested for lupus, but today my toes are black and blue (have been for some time) but last night i started with this incredible stinging in two toes, this is driving me insane, can't get into my gp's until 5ish today, thinking of going to A&E but not sure what they could do..... have tried morphine, ibuprofen, and lidnocaine cream on the toes, nothing seems to be working, i am in agony, had an hours sleep last night, any ideas?... x


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  • thank you, think i will x

  • Go to A & E etc or get earlier appointment at docs or urgent doctors on call. I had my fingers go blue needs checking. Mine was a blood clot . It could be very simple circulation but worth getting checked out.

    Hope you get sorted.


  • thanks Andrea... x

  • Make sure test you correctly for Hughes Syndrome, a percentage of patients with Lupus, have this, and it can be missed, they need to do these tests:

    mary F x

  • Mary, yes i do have Hughes, but haemo think i have lupus, !!! still being tested etc x

  • I also think you should go to A&E. The GP may send you on to A&E so by pass this and say you could not get an appointment with the GP until later today. Good Luck x

  • thanks xx

  • perhaps help if you speak to Gp and ask him to make A and E that you are coming, that way he can advise them in advance of your medical history, might just speed things up at A and E for you ? Good luck let us all know how you get on :)

  • Ditto pattismith, if your G.P. makes A&E aware you are coming them they will be ready for you and if you are on immune suppressants you won't have to wait with everyone else and risk catching any "nasties".

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you got on when you manage to post again. :-)

    Madmagz x

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