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Anaesthetic today, very nervous

Hi all, I'm going for a hysteroscopy today to remove polyps and general investigation and I'm so nervous, not about the procedure but about the anaesthetic itself. I'm sure it'll all be fine, I know I'm just worrying about nothing but its just the last operation I had resulted in a stay in icu and the start of the lupus. I've met with the anaesthatist due to the 40 tablets I take and my colourful medical history but I just can't stop worrying and wanted to share it with you all - sorry! One of my main symptoms is constant pleuritic pain which has lasted 3 years and I'm worried ny breathing will be agony when I wake up. Aggh! Xx

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I have not had anaesthetic since diagnosed with sle but I can understand you worry I would be scared too. I am sure you will have a brilliant set of doctors around you. Hope all goes well.


Thank you. All done now and all went ok. Should have been home tonight but staying in as very sleepy from anaesthetic and a bit wobbly but otherwise fine. Thanks again x


So pleased that your ordeal is over...... No need to apologise about being apprehensive about anaesthetic (most people are!)

I do hope they didn't discover anything serious - and you can begin to see an improvement in the amount of pain you are experiencing.


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