Nervous about upcoming trip to London

On May 18th I'm travelling to London for a rather important event. I'm going there and back in a day, by train, on my own. With my 1/3rd disability discount I decided to treat myself to 1st class.

I'm very nervous about whether I'll make it because I really don't feel too good. I did some decluttering last week and thought I'd pulled a muscle, but no, all the old pains are back, and the hips in particular are making sleep really difficult. Not helped by my feet doing the Raynaud's then bright red and hot trick.

Just need some support pl x


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8 Replies

  • Make sure to wear comfy shoes and take lots of breaks so you dont get too tired . I hope it all goes well and you enjoy yourself 🌷🌷

  • Hi Lupiknits. It's great that you are planning to do such a trip. Try not to worry too much - you have over 2 weeks to go and hopefully that will give you time to take plenty of rest.

    In addition to weathervane's advice, I would offer the following: whilst I am no longer able to travel by train, I do by car, when I have found the soft waxy ear plugs that you can buy very cheaply from a well known online retailer (I'm not the one driving by the way!) very helpful in filtering out most noise and making things more restful. I also keep well hydrated and make sure I have a small bag of 'supportive' snacks such as bananas and almonds.

    I do hope you get to go. And enjoy your trip. best wishes.

  • First class great treat, just avoid sitting by folks who like doing all their business by phone, so hopefully there is a quiet section...check to see about WiFi or tune into some nice music etc earphones help block the noise ads well...bringing snacks and drinks a must or buy on board...hope you feel up to it and can enjoy the lovely countryside while zooming along... 😀 ml

  • Have you tried contacting your local Red Cross Branch? They used to run a volunteer 'escort' service.

  • Didn't know that; thanks for highlighting.

  • They have microwaves on board, take a small wheat bag and ask them to heat it for you, it can help you relax, which will help your pain.

    I worry about events, incase I'm not well enough to enjoy them or I let people down, it's really annoying isn't it, because worrying makes it even more likely that you will feel unwell. I try to just think positively and hope for the best, but make sure I have all the meds I need and other small items to make life as comfortable as possible

    I hope it goes well

  • Spot on creaky, about the nervousness/ letting others down feelings. Easy to let those feelings get in the way x

  • Try Deep Freeze from Tesco or Sainsbury on hot feet - take lots of water with you and rest up. Don't worry- not good for condition. Just give a good try!

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