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Looking for advice???

I work with mum's and babies and one of my mums has told me her older child has just broken out with chicken pox, she is waiting on the baby breaking out. I am due to work with them on Thursday, should I be worried. I hav had both chicken pox and shingles but since being diagnosed (in January) am I now more suspectible to catching diseases? Jacquie

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I'm really not sure but if I were in your shoes I'd phone my doctor for advice. I used to work with children and I know what it is like for picking up whatever is going round. Just remember your health is important too. Take care. X


Keep well away if the mum of child you work with gets it!! Both chicken pox and measles can be very serious if you get them when you are a lupus sufferer especially if you are on any immune suppressing drugs. I have had chicken pox, shingles and various other childhood illnesses but had to give up my volunteer post in a hospital and am waiting for a new one as I was told the risk of infection to me was too great. Anybody with lupus can't have the vaccine for these illnesses as they are live vaccines - unlike the flu jab. It would be safest for you to discuss the situation with your manager and doctor as prevention is better than cure and I know that what is just a childhood illness in someone without lupus can be very severe in someone with a supressed immune system.

Good luck and I hope you don't catch it

Madmagz x


My daughtr's consultant told her she would be ok as she has had chickenpox - so you should be ok :)


Hi I had this problem when my son got chickenpox especially as I am having chemo as well.

My consultant told me if you have had them already you are not very likely to get them again and if you were to get them again there is an antidote they can give you at the hospital to put a stop to it.

Just keep a close watch on yourself for any symptoms if you have been near them,chicken pox are more infectious before the spots appear.If you think you may have them or say get a high temperature contact your consultant or GP straight away.


Thank all for your answers and support xx spoke to my manager today and she told me to cancel, just to be on the safe side. I don't like to give in to this disease, but I think for once I will be cautious, better to be safe than sorry I guess :) x


If they are in blister stage, they are contagious. When they pop, it spreads, use gloves, really you should not have contact at all when blusters are present. My daughter had them as an infant, put mittens on her to stop scratching and spreading, helped so much, she had very little spread. Do not expose yourself at this stage, you don't need to acquire shingles.


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