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Bruising, and pain !!

I am sat here in mega pain at the moment, i have no answers to what i have all they can tell me after 5 years is that i do have an antiphospholipid ?? syndrome, but no other answers, or treatment, apart from an asprin a day, what i want to know is does anyone on here suffer with very bad bruising on their feet and legs. Mine started approx 5 years ago in the left foot, that actual bruising went and now has come back on my right foot and leg, i can't put any weight it, and it so painful, worse when in bed, so been having an hours sleep and then napping all day on the settee, have been given Oramorph, and even that doesn't help in any way apart from making me feel very sick. I can feel myself getting very angry and depressed, i just want some answers, i don't care what it is now , i just want to be pain free. xx

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