Is this usual for others treatment from gp without seeing you

Went for my blood check as I am on methotrexate said I felt unwell and thought I had a chest infection. The nurse did not check me out physically or listen to my chest just said she would talk to the gp. Was prescribed antibiotics without any exam or conversation with the gp. Just a message via receptionist that if it did not clear up would need a chest X-ray.

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  • No that's terrible, really bad practice, I would complain and change Gp.

  • That sounds awful, makes me realise just how good my GP and all the staff at the practice I go to are. I too am on Methotrexate and go for bloods weekly and if I am having problems the nurse tries to get me an appointment for as soon as possible with my own doctor or if it is urgent in her mind with the emergency doctor who is on duty as my surgery is the walk-in clinic for our area. They also don't let me wait in the waiting room in case I pick anything up from anyone else due to my impaired immune system as I have also been on other stronger immune suppressants, I wait on my own right away from everybody else. If I were you I would write to the practice manager and the primary care trust as it sounds like you are getting very bad care from that practice.

    I hope that your chest gets better soon and you get some decent treatment as you deserve and you are entitled to.

    Take care


  • They should have at least listened to your heart and lungs. That said, if you only explained that you had symptoms of a chest cold like coughing and congestion, they would not have been on alert. If you said you had chest pains, then they should have checked you out for a heart attack.

    If your symptoms were consistent with a chest infection, then they did the right thing. No one can tell if a respiratory infection is caused by a virus or a bacteria. Often, colds that are caused by a virus result in a secondary bacterial infection. Since uncontrolled infection is one of the three leading causes of death from lupus, your doctor was taking preventive measures.

  • Antibiotics cure bacterial infections but have no effect on viral infections.

  • Recently had a cold that eventually turned into a chest infection . When l rang my Gp requesting antibiotics was told no Drs available for phone const that a practitioner nurse would ring me. She suggested to try decongestants ! I explained l had Lupus and take a high dosage of immunosuppressants for over 2 years now and that l needed antibiotics, she finally agreed ! A week later a district nurse had to come and take blood sample at my request, when results came back my ESR levels were high , but my Gp didn't understand them ! Just as well l know lots about my condition and how to ask for the correct medication - is it any wonder l have lost all faith in Gp's ?

  • Thanks for your replies good to hear other people's thoughts. Last time I had a problem with pain in the back that felt like chest problems could not get appointment with gp the practice nurse dismissed it as nothing. I happened to have to see the specialist nurse two days later could see I was in a lot of pain was so worried got the registra to look at me who was concerned enough to send me for an X-ray. I do question shared care and can understand why so many people land up in casualty.

  • You're not alone there Patti, I gave up ages ago as I just don't have the strength to keep fighting stupid Dr who are too arrogant to listen. They just have to be right all the time and they most of often aren't. I recently told my dr I couldn't use any type of cream (none at all) on my skin as it causes an allergic reaction, later in the conversation to told me I had bad dry skin and needed to use moisturiser hahahaha lol (same conversations 3 minutes later). She also though my urine infection , chect infection and sinus infection all at the same time were just a coincidence lol. Can't really take much more of just being palmed off :o(

    Sorry you are having the same sort of problems too Patti :o(

  • ...just to say that (organic) coconut oil has helped me, as get reactions from anything synthetic in creams. I use the oil all over the body and also cook with it it! xxx :)

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