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saw my new renal consultant today who decied he would sort my huge 3 stack set of note into chronilogical order while i was sat with him, get a third year medical student to take a history then take a history himself, then decided need a brain scan and then promtly pointed out all my spelling mistakes in the typed notes i had taken him. but he new his stuff but odd. 3 hr consultastion.

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  • sorry that made me cheer up !! i hope worth 3hrs :)x

  • Glad i wasn't the next patient waiting to go in lol!

  • He new his stuff very bright! Just thought he's not my school teacher!was worth seeing him he was very eccentric. I felt for the patients outside and my next clinic isn't till3pm will I ever get out?!

  • as odd as this might seem as a reply but these oddities point to him being precise and leaving no stone unturned many of the consultants I see do not go back beyond 6 months in my files.

  • Well, he can be as odd as he likes if you get results you want and need.

  • sounds like Aspergers. He may prove to be a very effective diagnostician if he leaves 'no stone unturned' and is obviously not worried about making a faux pas. Good traits actually.

  • Maybe hes OCD but least he was sort of thourer please excuse my spelling he he. good luck

  • oh absoulty couldnt agree more just so used to fighting to be heard. i think he will get a load done.

  • I think you have found yourself a treasure there! Hang on to him!

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