Can UV light cause vomiting?

I have lupus and my young daughter is currently being investigated for it too.

She develops a very angry rash on her arms in sunlight - thankfully the school have agreed to her wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Recently she seems to have started getting very bad tummy ache and even vomiting when she's been in the sun - even only a tiny bit. I am doing my utmost to limit her exposure and I'm covering her up as much as poss.

I suffer with the sun also and because I have fair skin and freckles I have always been very mindful of the sun. My daughter, though, seems even more sensitive than I am.

Please let me know if symptoms this severe ring any bells with you.

Many thanks

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  • I've read on websites that the sun can cause reactions like that in lupus sufferers. Some suffers cannot go out in the sun at all. It makes me very poorly so I know it happens.

  • You might like to take a look at our website specifically for people that experience light sensitivity -

  • Hi, i get bad rashes on my arms with the sun...also nausea and vomiting. I can't be out it long at all. Also stomach problems have always been a big part of my problems si ce getting ill.

    I went to Spain last year to visit a friend and i was dreading bekng out in the sun. Strangley i wasn't too bad while i was thete apart firom a few transiant symptkms of ligbt headednes, fast heartbeats and headache but when i got home all hell broke loose with my health and it took a long time to recover. I have learn'tbto avoid it as much as i can nowadays.

  • Thank you for the replies


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