Lupus fund raising and awareness evening

Just to let you all know our event which took place on sat 4th may in Bracknell, went well. The total raised is £1009.00 for Lupus UK. The evening was great as many people there had never heard of Lupus before so it was great to provide them with some information. The lady and man that organised everything from hall, raffle prizes, entertainment food etc are my nieces mother and father in law. They did such a fantastic job, I will never forget their commitment. They worked really hard, making purple light boxes, decorating the hall, all the music etc. Was so lovely to meet some of the members here who came to thank you for your efforts and support. I also gave a short talk and read a lupus poem. I was so nervous and had real problems remembering what to say and word finding. I think it was hard too not to get emotional and not to get to medical as most of the guests had never heard of lupus. But successful for awarenes too. I have one man who is a mechanic who is going to put a little lupus card in every car he fixes. Lots of people took info to take to share with others too. So all in all a great event. Thank you to the two kind lupies who came along too xxx

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  • That's fantastic! It sounds like it was a really great night. Thank you so much for supporting LUPUS UK.

  • So glad you had a great night I am a lupie from Bracknell but I was unable to come well done for raising so much money :-) I would love to come if you ever do it again xxx

  • Super, Nat. Well done to all. It was a really good night. :-):-)

  • Hi Julie, thank for coming too. How has your week been? I have had a really bad week. Thought at first was just from sat event but feel so unwell. I hope you have had a better week. Really pleased with the amount too xxx:-D

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