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I just knew I was right but maybe not!

I've been sick for awhile now and I thought I was never going to get an answer. So my husband and I did a Year's worth of research and finally talk to my doctor about lupus. He said that's exactly what you have but then disappeared and moved somewhere else to a new practice overnight and never left a diagnosis. So then when I went to my new doctor he said I don't have Lupus without even knowing me and that my dr. Had tested me way back in 2014 it was negative and that I don't have it. Now once again I am lost even though I am a classic case of lupus and have had other doctors say my ana results are a little high....I come from a small town and I can't afford to go to a specialist without a referal....maybe everyone's right and I'm nuts someone tell me what to do! Please

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Hi ana was positive and i was told i had low end lupus. Later tested negative in bloodwork. I was told by rheumy, i did not have lupus. Don't care what doctors opinions are. I know how i feel and what my symptoms are. I treat myself as if I have lupus and treat with natural anti inflammatories. I am currently on an anti inflammatory diet. Seems to be helping. And that's that. I dont need confirmation from a doctor. I suppose if you are not low end, and you need might have to find another doctor. Sounds like the latest doctor is a bit of a jerk. Keep looking is my recommendation, and good luck.


I am the same - all symptoms but only showed up in a scalp biopsy when I got a bald patch that itched. Still won't give it a name but gave me Hydroxycloroquine and it helps a lot. I would follow Natura s advice about diet - and find another doctor if you can.


Hi Womanwarrior,

Can you not ask your GP to refer you to a specialist for further investigations?


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