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Hair - Baldness and Wigs!

Hi All

I am recently new to this site and have received so much support since I have been on here. I started loosing my hair recently and so many of you shared your experiences with me and your kind thoughts and good wishes helped me through a really tough time.

I have now completely shaved my head - surprisingly I quite like the look and so do my family :) However I also invested in a wig and I wanted to share the ladies details with you all in case you are looking for someone to help.

I have had a few consultations with a lady called Caren at Long For Hair (www.longforhair.co.uk) and she was absoloutly fantastic! So knowledgeable and understanding, fantastic products and advice ... and the best bit she is a hairdresser so knows exactly which style of wig will suit you and what colour etc etc. I had my final consultation today and have come away with a fantastic wig which I am really pleased with and has provided a much needed good feeling in what seems like months of bad!

Thank you all again for the support - I hope this little bit of info helps at least one or two of you.

Rachy xx

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I am in awe of you for been so brave. I am loosing my hair but only slightly at the moment. I have decided that has soon has i see my first bald patch i will be shaving it off. I will do mine in a bid to raise money for lupus uk. I have come to terms with no bed head no dying and no washing it everyday lol. I will look at this web site. You are a brave lady and send my love x



Thank you for sharing the details and the experience. I'm not there yet but it is good to know alternatives when the time comes. I don't know how I will feel at that point, I love my hair and it hurts to see it go. Well done for having the courage.


Saved a lot on hairdresser's bills!! I shaved my head (or my husband did) and was upset at the time. Wore a wig or scarves, and beanies. Braved the outside without anything after getting used to it at home, and found it very liberating in the end. Mine was due to chemo for breast cancer, so I used it as an opportunity to talk openly. All the chemo actually helped my Lupus, so I didn't really feel much worse at the time. It's now been four years so hope to get an all clear soon. Wish the same could be said for the Lupus. I try and get out walking now, but it is horrible, wet and windy here, so may have a quiet day in.

Love to all



Congratulations Rachy!

You've covered an area most people have concerns about.

Thank your very much for sharing your story with us and good for your for being so brave.

Hugs x


Hi I lost a large patch on the top of my head 4 years ago ,luckily I've always liked wearing wigs to dress up and a change so it was ok ,it's much thicker now after chemo .just to let you know I have been getting my wigs throu NHS and I get a choice of which wig shop to go get them too I chose synthetic as I get to go get 4 wigs a year .ask me if you need to know anything love Lisa xx


I totally know where you are coming from. When I first got the symptoms of Lupus, my hair started to fall out, so I shaved my hair, thankfully it looked good. Plus as my ex-husband was in the Army I fitted in.

I kept it short for about 10 years, but about 2 years ago thought I would try and grow it again, it has taken a quite a lot of patience, but it is now touching my shoulder's.

But now my eyebrow's and eyelashes are falling out. I hate how it makes my face look, and drawing my eyebrows in every day is a bloody pain, I would rather be bald.


When I was a kid and up until about 19 I had really thick strong curly blonde hair. I kept "having hair" going until 22/23, then I started turning into a baldy. I was initially shaving bald, but my wife loves me with hair and she learnt the issue and ordered a hair system by hollywoodlace.com/ . I like myself more with a shaved head, but my wife wants me wearing those hairpieces. And I will do anything that makes me more attractive in my wife's eyes.


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