Hair wigs advice please x

Hi everyone

I just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with wigs. My hair keep coming out in handfuls and has gone from very very thick to bleakly thin. I wanted to ask if anyone knows where to buy them or if i need to speak to my consultant about it? Unsure what to do. I dont need one just as yet but would like to be prepared as i know its coming eventually! I have started MTX so cannot see the hair loss slowing down!! I wouldnt even mind bandanas but I would have trouble explaining to my children (who are autistic) why mummy has no hair - that definately would be interesting lol.

Any advice would be greatfully appreciated. thank you

lupie hugs to u all

esky xxx

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  • Hi, I can't advise on wigs I'm afraid ....but I can offer huge sympathy for you and your hair hair came out in big clumps all over my head and left bald patches whilst we were away on holiday in France in the summer. It was a shock how quickly it happened and very distressing so I completely empathise with what you're going through. My 3 kids were upset seeing my hair everywhere and they thought it meant I had cancer. It was really distressing for the whole family so when we got home I decided to take control and asked my husband to shave all my remaining hair off! I'm now back in control of the b***dy lupus and I no longer have to see my hair over my pillow, blocking up the shower or all over the floor......3 months later and still no hair but I've opted for the bandana look rather than a wig......lots of pretty scarves to match my outfits - good excuse for a few shopping trips!!

    I hope you find a good wig supplier, sorry I can't be more help.

    Big hugs


  • I know my hair has sure gotten thinner...thyroid issues, lupus, menopaused...Im perming now every 10 months, but think I might every 5 or so...looks ok so far.

    My mom wore wigs as she got fed up going to hair salons. Some of her wigs looked real good, and I think she ordered from the usa...(not too expensive either). Hats are another idea....

  • Hi. So sorry to hear about your hair loss. My Mum suffers with Lupus and has completely lost her hair. For Christmas we bought her a wig. We went to Selfridges and I think it is called Hot Hair but dont be put off by the name. They were so lovely with my Mum. I'm afraid its one of those things that you get what you pay for. My Mum got one and honestly it looks so good and real. It has highlights and it is cut really well, when she meets people no-one can tell. And it has made her feel so much better when she goes out. They do all sorts of styles and colours too. Hope you find what you are looking for. Take Care

  • My mom has used for years. They now contain a lot of younger styles as well. Also you can get Hot Hair wigs online at Choose something fun! xxx

  • Thank u all for your responses and help. I will shop around definately. thank u all.

    Lupie hugs to u all

    esky xxx

  • You may be able to get something (or a contribution towards it) through the NHS, so ask your doctor - at the very least you should be able to get the VAT back on a wig purchase if you have a medical referral. However, and it seems to be different depending on the geographical area you are in, there are some restrictions on what you can have through the NHS, and as posted above you get what you pay for, so you may want to just buy your own. I found Trendco very helpful. They have a good range of styles and can order what you want. What is difficult when trying on different styles is to disassociate the colour and style as you may try one on for colour, and another for style and have to imagine what your wig will be like. I found that the synthetic ones are easier to care for and are very realistic these days if you get a good quality (I paid about £170 for mine). Human hair ones are heavier to wear, take more looking after, but do last longer, and can feel a lot more natural, but they cost around £400. If you wear it all the time a synthetic one will need replacing about every 3 months as they get frizzy after a while. Have a look at the Alopecia forum as I'm sure there will be more folks there with lots more experience on wigs there.

    And as a positive note - after about 8 years of varying levels of hair loss, mine seems to be coming back :)

  • Thank u evie will look into it. thanks for ur help xxx

  • Try Trendco online. Also depends on whether you're of black or white ethnicity? If black go for Remy hair. Worth the money to invest in real hair too as you'll go through quite a lot of man made fibre wigs. Experiment, have fun like I did. Stop worrying about your hair loss, embrace it as a way of being ready to leave the house a lot quicker in the mornings lol. Only downside to wearing a wig is hot summer's. X

  • Hi I'm bald for the third time now and make the most of hair free life, yes that may sound crazy but over the years I have got used to it. The first time my hair fell out almost sixteen years ago I was gutted and did wear wigs, the second time it was not too bad and I could disguise it with different head wear but this time it has been bad again. I have been bald for about three years and after looking back at old photos I will not wear a wig again, I am a biker so bandanas go very well with my lifestyle and what I wear day to day. They are easily available from motorcycle rallies that I attend to sites like ebay. My local health authority won't help with costs of wigs unless you have had certain health issues and that list does not include lupus, how surprising, so a decent wig costs a huge amount. Being bald saves loads of money on hairdressing and I get out much quicker in the evenings as I don't need to mess about with all that styling stuff that used to need doing also when I take my crash helmet off I don't need to head straight to the ladies to sort out my hair I just straighten my bandana. I hope that you are positive enough and strong enough to be able to not feel the need to have to have a wig as bald is beautiful, just use a good moisturiser and sun block. ;-) It is difficult with children who have autism as some of my friends children do I just said my hair got poorly and fell out after lots of why's and thinking on the spot it was accepted,

    All the best and take care

    Madmagz x

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