going to GP tomorrow - question about insomnia

My insomnia is off the scale for Lupus, psoriatic arthropathy, hughes syndrome, sjgroens and hypothyrodism. So.... have read that sometimes a muscle relaxant is prescribed for sleep. Any ideas, I do have the name of one... I really don't want anything like zopiclone, which makes me feel edgey and chew the cud for hours the day after. xx

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  • Are you on prednisone or any steroids? Even a small dose will cause insomnia. Apparently, insomnia is a common complaint amongst us Lupies.

    There is a lively support group on Facebook at " lupus is real" .

  • thanks and no I am not! I think it is a combination of all my five conditions which cause it. Mx

  • I'm not an expert far from it but when my insomnia was bad, partly due to chronic pain and depression also, I was prescribed Amitriptyline which is an antidepressant but in lower doses is used as a pain relaxer, makes you dozzy and was taken at night , usually 2 hours before bed to help you relax- it helped me for a bit so they may suggest that.....

  • I have SLE lupus and take prednisone and found it difficult to get good quality sleep, I was prescribed a low dose of Amitiptyline at night and it works really well, as it knocks me out and I get a better chance of getting a good nights sleep.


  • Thanks, I did try that a few years back... it appeared to have the opposite effect and make me fly round the bedroom twice nightly, or so it appeared to me.... I think I shall go on the route march for a muscle relaxant... I am not too fed up yet just mightly tired.

    Thanks everybody xxxx

  • I don't sleep brilliantly and yes i'm on a small 5mg dose of Prednisolone as part of transplant meds. I find a good cuddle with my other half if my itchy skin allows, a well ventilated room and a clear mind help. Don't think i'd take any sleeping meds though i rattle enough lol! Teddies also make a good cuddle substitute if no partner. i'm greedy as i have both.

  • Thanks, my complications are due to the fact that I have psoriatic arthopathy, psoriaris, sjogroens, hughes syndrome and hypothyroidism,...so, any flare keeps me away. Just been to the docs and been given a muscle relaxant. xx

  • i also have insomnia and take amatriptyline and it doesnt help going to ask for help when I next see my rheumy

  • Firstly sounds like you have alot to deal with no wonder you cant sleep.

    I have muscle twiches in neck/head andhands and legs/feet and at night they dont give it up and the more annoyed you get the worse the twiches, and SLE and chronic pain etc so I take 30mg of amatrip which if im have a bad time i increase the dose but what I have found is take them about 6pm the first few days your asleep in 20mins but them you a just to them and you can take them later but beware the later you take them the more it goes into the next day. I also take clonazepam which is for the twiches instead of botox. I also take citalopram which helps swicth your brain off. I find I ajust the meds depending how im feeling which is great because least you feel in control of something and my GP is great she tells me some of the tricks of how to take pill ie; some like amatrip I hated because of brain fog but getting the timing right has helped. Good luck and yes im not perfect im struggling with sleep but thats because im worrying about stuff. Good luck to you.

  • THanks.... amatrip makes me fly round the room, nightly or so it would appear to me... as mentioned in reply to others. twitches no problem as i take magnesium... it is flares, virus or infection which make it worse, I also do meditation twice daily and follow the correct sort of diet.... however to get me through very difficult flares doc has now issued me with some new smarties of the relaxation sort. MFB

  • Thanks everybody x

  • Well good luck Mary F, hope you get some much needed sleep soon. Reading this i feel i have it easy with kidney failure, an excellent working transplant, scleritis, a very painful recurrent eye condition and sore itchy skin. I'm able to work and am lucky enough to not have to start until 3-4pm so if i need extra sleep i can have plenty before work. Sleep is so important,i cannot survive on less than 8 hours, if it's less then i feel awful and walk around like i'm very drunk and bump into things, stairs aren't easy to negotiate safely either. With so many problems Mary you must feel truly awful at times. I wish you all the best.

  • thank you, and best wishes to you to. Mx

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