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A month back I asked a question about telling a new partner about Lupus. Anyway Mr Lupus intervened and I had flare soon after we met, the increasing Myco doses tired me out and my iron levels were rock bottom.... I had kept making excuses about being tired, needing an early night etc and sent the occasional txt but this week I went to bed on Tues and got up yesterday! As a result our contact filtered out. When I emerged from the worst of the flare I sent him a message on FB (very romantic!) explaining the truth of my disappearance fully expecting the elbow.

He was so understanding :) said to get over this flare and we could start again and now he knows he can work round it. Feeling quite happy at the moment..:)

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Thats fantastic news you will find they will research the condition and have a better understanding thats what my new partner has done and he stands by me fully x


Im so happy for you, well done !!!

I wish you te best xx


He had already heard of Lupus so that was a bonus and he still wants to continue to see me. Lets hope the Myco and the iron infusion give a bit of respite...


Excellent news :-):-)


Im so so happy that things turned out well for you and that your partner is there for you,

Its nice to have some good news for a change, I hope the future is bright and sunny.

best of luck wood


I have a new man but I told him as soon as we meet as I had stroke in 2012 so I'm the same as most 30 year old girls!

I think us with lupus worry too much about annoying people with the terrible lupus... If the man is right they don't mind! That's what I always thing!

Hope yours keeps going well!

Lupus isn't great but it's mad us great people! :-)


i'm really pleased for you, so glad he understands!


Being happy is also good medicine. :) Good luck! xxx


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